If you or your household members have been experiencing strange reoccurring episodes of disruptive skin conditions, there’s probably something lurking in your home that’s causing those issues. You may have tried changing soap brands, laundry detergent, or using lotion more often, but the skin problems keep coming back. What the heck is going on?

Most people don’t realize that skin irritations can come from unexpected sources – apart from the usual skin infections, immune system disorders, bathing soaps, shower gels, heat, medications, allergens, etc.

Water containing certain harmful contaminants like iron, chlorine, bacteria, and arsenic, can wreak havoc on sensitive or already vulnerable skin, causing serious skin problems to crop up again because you can’t find the root of the problem.

Below are some of the contaminants. We’ll briefly explain how each one may affect your skin.

1. Bacteria

The skin acts as a remarkable protective barrier against bacterial infections. But sadly, even the skin itself becomes infected sometimes.

When bacteria come into contact with your skin, they are usually unable to create an infection. But when an infection does occur, it normally begins as small, red bumps that slowly increase in size. Some of these infections are mild and easy to treat with topical antibiotics, but other infections can be severe and require oral antibiotics.

Some common symptoms of bacterial infection include tenderness of the skin and rashes. You may also experience other symptoms like itching and pain. On the other hand, symptoms of a more severe infection include blisters, pus, skin slouching or breakdown, skin that becomes discolored and painful, and others.

Bacterial skin infections develop when bacteria enter the skin through hair follicles or through small breakages in the skin that result from animal or insect bites, scrapes, surgery, sunburns, burns, wounds, or preexisting skin conditions.

2. Chlorine


Chlorine is no stranger to our drinking water. You know, that potent disinfectant that helps keep our tap water “safe and clean”? In all honesty, chlorine is one of the most effective products for disinfecting water, but when it comes on to its interaction with the skin…that’s a whole different story.

Chlorine is said to strip away natural oils from the skin, which promotes premature aging. On top of that, it does not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, and thus, washing your skin with chlorinated water may eliminate skin flora, which can lead to skin conditions such as acne. Long-term exposure to this chemical can also cause skin irritations and itching.

3. Calcium & Magnesium


You’ve probably seen or heard the term “hard water” before. Perhaps you’ve heard it on the news or seen it somewhere on the internet. Either way, hard water is simply water that contains elevated levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium.

The issue is that these minerals are vital for the body, but not so good for the skin in high doses. Bathing or showering in hard water can cause dry skin and redness. Put simply, when the calcium settles on your skin, it changes your oil chemistry, which hinders the skin’s ability to moisturize itself. Even after using the most expensive soaps or shower gels, the hardness minerals can combine with the products to clog pores and leave your skin feeling dry and sticky from the soap residue. The clogged pores can then lead to acne breakouts, inflammation, eczema, pimples, rashes, itching, blemishes, and a host of other skin conditions.

If you already have a skin disorder like eczema, or sensitive skin, using hard water on your skin can make the condition much worse and even lead to other abnormalities.

Prevention Tip: Purchase a Quality Filter System from Permatech Filters


You’ve probably heard the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” So, if you want to avoid all the horrific symptoms we mentioned earlier, it’s wise to prevent certain contaminants from entering your home in the first place. The best way to achieve this is to purchase a quality whole house water filter system from Permatech Water FIltration System.

  • A UV water purification system add-on is proven to control microbiological (bacteria and virus) issues in water including E. coli, cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia. Permatech’s UV systems kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria to protect your home against polluted water.
  • For chlorine, you can use a simple activated carbon filter to remove the chlorine from your tap water. You can go with a whole house filter with activated carbon to treat all the water running through your home.
  • Calcium and magnesium are fairly easy to address with a salt-based water softener.

Want to know more? Give us a call or drop us a message and one of our water specialists will happily assist you. You are one click away from turning your tap water into fresh, pure and drinkable water.