Has your tea ever tasted flat, bitter, or like it’s all chemicals?

You can combine the best quality tea leaves with water that’s boiled to the perfect temperature, but if you’re not using the right kind of water, there’s a big chance your tea won’t taste the best… in fact, it could taste awful!


Good tea begins with good water.

But isn’t water just… tasteless? Quite the opposite!

If you taste water from different sources you’ll notice that there are variations in both texture and taste. Some water has a “plastic” flavour to it, while other kinds of water taste “clean”. Some water can feel thick in the mouth, while other kinds seem to glide effortlessly.

In a perfect world, the ideal water for your tea is the spring water closest to where the tea was grown. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Fortunately, you can still have a super tasty cup of tea by taking the following into consideration:

  1. Use Filtered Water. 

Filtered water is excellent for brewing tea. Depending on the quality and type of minerals and chemicals in your water, a filtration system might be more than enough, or you might want to use a more elaborate setup like an under-counter reverse osmosis filtration system.

Filtering your tap water is very convenient and cost-effective as it removes the unwanted chemicals which adversely affect the flavour of your tea.

  1. Water Temperature. 

Whether you choose to heat your water to the desired temperature before brewing your tea or boil the water first before letting it cool to the desired temperature; there’s no right/wrong here, it’s well worth knowing that different types of teas diffuse their flavours best when water is at different temperatures.

White and green teas = between 76 and 85 degrees Celsius. 

Black and herbal teas = between 97 and 100 degrees Celsius. 

  1. Cooling Time 

Cooling time is very important. While strong black teas work well with water close to boiling point, green and herbal teas require more cooling time. Let the water rest for a couple of minutes to avoid burning the tea leaves… Patience is key!

A combination of the right tea-ware, filtered water and high-quality tea leaves can make for a delightful experience!

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