Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter


Permatech Bath & Shower Filter is used for improving bathing water quality. Particularly recommended for children and people with delicate, sensitive skin and fragile hair.

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Permatech Bath & Shower Filter is installed between the tube and the showerhead. Recommended for strongly chlorinated water.


✓ Transforms harmful chlorine into harmless chlorides

✓ Reduces skin irritation and dryness

✓ Possesses antibacterial properties

✓ Effectively eliminates organic impurities which cause dandruff and hair breakability


Installation Steps:

Will it reduce the water pressure?

The shower filter is designed to maximize your water flow, so it will not reduce or restrict your water flow.

How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

We recommend changing the cartridge after 5,000 gallons of use or 6 months, whichever comes first. This will ensure optimal performance of the shower filter.

Will this work with my existing showerhead?

Yes, the shower filter uses standard ½” connections, to ensure maximum compatibility with all standard showerheads.

What are the dimensions of the shower filter?
length – 14,0 cm diameter – 5,0 cm