Bottle-Free Water Dispenser

د.إ3,500.00 د.إ2,849.00


Permatech Bottle-Free Water dispenser is an economical choice for a high-quality water distributor that is capable of supplying purified water in multiple temperatures; hot, cold and room temperature.

Its filtration system is based on Reverse Osmosis, which removes harmful particles and bacteria, and improves the taste and odour of water.

It is installed directly to water mains, so you can enjoy an endless supply of delicious drinkable water, without the hassle of replacing water jugs, storing them or arranging delivery schedules.

The final product is crystal clear and clean water in room temperature, chilled to perfection or readily hot for your coffee; which makes it a perfect addition to your home or office.


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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 cm