Ultra-Filtration Drinking Water System – USF3



The system consists of innovative, patented and constructed to ensure simple replacement without the need to use a wrench). The cartridges remove sediment and chlorine from the water, improve taste and reduce odours depending on type of the filters you’ve selected.

The cartridge filters need to be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on the feed water quality and type of contaminents.

Stages of Water Filtration System:


Stage 1: Heavy Sediment Filter, double layered Yarn & Spun (5 microns rating)

High-quality cartridges, manufactured with Polypropylene thread outer layer and Polypropylene Spun for the inner layer which makes these filter capable of a double filtration performance.

Their structure ensures very effective removal of mechanical impurities (big and smaller particles), such as sand – rust – river mud – fluvial silt – pollen – microorganisms – carbon dust – other precipitates


Stage 2: Activated Carbon

High-quality cartridges, containing granular activated carbon.

Cartridges improve water taste and smell by effectively removing:

  • Organic impurities (microorganisms, bacteria, funghi)
  • Mechanical impurities
  • Chlorine and its poisonous compounds
  • Lead and toxic heavy metals
  • Pesticides, detergents and phenoles


Stage 3: Ultra-Filtration

High-quality cartridges, containing a hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane.

Their structure ensures very effective removal of most mechanical impurities, colloids and any compound water and turbidity above 0.05 micrometres.


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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 cm