10″ Water Filter Housing 3/4 inch, PR Button


10″x2.5″ Water Filter Housing with 3/4″ inlet with a Clear Sump housing, Black cap, and a pressure relief button.


This filter housing can be used for medium flow and point of use applications, or where heavy sediment is present in water.
Two or more filter housings can be connected with a pipe nipple or a pipe union.

10 inch Filter Housing Specifications


Housing and Cap materials: clear styrene-acrylonitrile
Connections: 3/4″ NPT ( water line diameter )
Maximum Temperature: 100°F ( 37.8°C )
Maximum Pressure: 100 psi ( 6.9 bar)
Dimensions: 12″ x 5.5″ (305 mm x 140 mm)
Standard Housing Type: 10″x2.5″  ( 10×2.5 )
A Filter Cartridge is NOT included!
The mounting bracket and wrench are recommended in order to properly mount this housing.