What to Look for in a Water Filtration System

You do not need the most expensive and complex system to enjoy healthy water. 

However, there are important factors to look for in a Water Filtration System that will also help you know which type suits you best.

Here’s our list:

1. Removal of Contamination

The primary reason to install a water filtration system is to get rid of the contaminants and impurities that may be present in tap water.

Different types of filters can expel certain types of impurities/ chemicals. Therefore, selecting the correct filtration system is crucial.

For example: Activated Carbon filters can expel organic compounds and chlorine from water; however, Reverse Osmosis or UV filter systems are required to remove nitrates, sulfates, and heavy metals.

2. Filtration Rate

The filtration rate is the amount of filtered water a filter can produce each day. So, if your daily water consumption outweighs the maximum gallons of water produced by your filter, the filter is not the right one for you.

It is essential to get one that meets or slightly exceeds your usage but not produce far more water than you actually consume… Those filters are obviously more expensive.

3. Quality of water

Your filter should not just remove contaminants but must also improve the overall quality of your water, that includes getting rid of foul taste and smell, as well as maintaining proper pH balance. 

A Reverse osmosis filtration system may be necessary in some cases, but not always. While RO systems remove several impurities, they also expel minerals that are healthy. If your feed water requires an RO system, you may choose to install a Remineralization Element after the filtration process to add healthy minerals to the filtered water.

Alternatively, Active Carbon filters that preserve minerals might be all you need to remove the type of contaminants your feed water contains. 

4. Maintenance

Water filter cartridges will need to be replaced. And it is very important that the filters are always replaced in time. 

Depending on their types, water filters have different maintenance requirements. For example: A 6 stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration system may require changing several cartridges at different intervals. 

Our Permatech Filtration systems come with an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) option where we monitor your cartridges’ replacements schedule and book the appointments accordingly.

Selecting a water filtration system can be an overwhelming task with all the different options available in the market; therefore, it is very important that you determine the type of contaminants your feed water has and the daily water intake of your household as well as choose a trustworthy provider who will recommend the system that is right for you.

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